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Turkish winner in National Geographic International Photography Contest

Monday, August 21, 2006

Turkish winner in National Geographic International Photography Contest

ANKARA - Turkish Daily News


  Erdal Kınacı, a medical doctor from Mersin, has taken first prize in the National Geographic International Photography Contest 2006.

  Kınacı, of Mersin's Anamur district, represented Turkey in the category of “Human” in the contest, in which over 30,000 photographs from 17 countries competed.  for next

A corner from heaven - Anamur


Anamur whose name was Anemurium in antic area is invaded by Asurians in 8 th Century BC. Given to Kommagene king IV. Antioch by Roman emperor Calicula. In 395 Byzantium period began. The city changed hands between Arabs and Byzantiums in 8 th century. In 11 th and 12 th century first envaded by Seldjucs and later on by Karamanoğulları. In second half of 15 th century anexed to Ottomans.

Anamur lies on the Mersin - Antalya, highway at a distance of 223 km. from Mersin 265 km. from Antalya and is founded on fertile plains that are surrounded by mountains covered with pine forests and are irrigated by the Sultansuyu and Dragon rivers.

As a result of is geographical position at the southemmost end of Turkey and is suitable climate, Anamur is famous throughout Turkey for its agricultural products, particularly greenhouse plants, bananas, strawberies and peanuts.

It is a pleasant town which attracts tourists with its natural beauties and rich historical ruins. A wealthy folklore, the clean sea, fine sand beaches, and the long lonely coastal strip inhabited by sea turtles (Caretta caretta) and as yet undiscovered by most tourists make Anamur an ideal centre for tourism. The town is spreading from the skirts of the mountain towards the shore and contains tourist facilities with qualities and lies 10 meters above see level.


If you would like to come to Anamur, you must by flight to Antalya or to Adana then after it takes 4-5 hours by car to Anamur.


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